Our holistic approach unlocks value in high growth submarkets and surrounding metro locations by leveraging in-house construction & building design, asset management, acquisitions services and financial expertise.


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Apex team

Over 20+ years of combined experience on Real Estate Investments

Meet the Team


Apex Managing Partner

Daniel Angel-Mejia
Managing Partner

Daniel is the head of the finance management team. With 10+ years of experience in real estate development and investment across diverse asset classes, holding a BA in Business Administration from Georgia State University, he supervises our firm's capital generation, fund, and investor relations strategy. Daniel's expertise lies in strategic planning, financial structuring, portfolio analysis, and overall strategy implementation. His strong focus contributes to our continued success and drives our mission to maximize returns for our valued investors.

Apex Managing Partner

Daniel Gonzalez
Managing Partner

Daniel is the head of the acquisitions and asset management team. With over 5 years of expertise in business development, property management, and real estate acquisitions and a BA in Business Administration from EAFIT University, he leads our strategic approach to asset acquisition and provides support for operational and management decisions. His leadership drives our growth, identifies investment opportunities, and ensures optimized portfolio performance to deliver exceptional results and maximizing investor returns.


We are the Finance Management Team, a skilled group responsible for overseeing vital financial aspects of our company. With our expertise in capital markets, corporate finance, treasury, and investor relations, we manage funding sources, financial planning, risk management, and investor communication. Our collective efforts ensure optimal financial performance, effective cash flow management, and strong relationships with our investors.

Apex IR & KM manager

Paola Vargas
IR & Capital Markets Manager

Apex Investor Services Associate

Manuela Rebolledo
Investor Services Associate

Capital Market Analyst

Juan Camilo Ruz
Capital Markets Analyst

Corporate finance manager

Juliana Cardona
Corporate Finance Manager

Apex accountant

Alexander González

Finance Analyst

Mateo Correa
Finance Analyst


We specialize in coordinating multifamily renovation and construction projects. By implementing effective project management, we ensure that every aspect of the construction process is well-coordinated and executed. Our Supply Chain and Preconstruction team optimizes material flow and procurement, supporting timely project completion. We conduct thorough research and risk identification during the preconstruction phase to ensure project feasibility. With seamless collaboration, we deliver successful projects, ensuring effective execution, financial performance, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Apex Operations Manager

Manuela Villa
Operations Manager

Supply Chain Coordinator

Juan Pablo Álvarez
Pre-construction & Supply Chain coordinator

Apex Project Manager

Pablo Pineda
Project Manager

Apex Supply Chain Analyst

Andrés Ochoa
Pre-construction & Supply Chain Analyst

Project Manager

Juan Camilo Tamayo
Project Manager

Apex Field Construction Coordinator

Laura Camacho
Field Construction Coordinator

Apex Field Worker & Supervisor

Alex Lopez
Field Worker & Supervisor


We are responsible for managing the company's portfolio's high-level strategy, business plans, tactics, and asset operations. Our role involves closely monitoring the performance and adjusting the strategies of the assets to ensure the successful execution of the business plan while improving the value and profitability of our investments. With our expertise in asset management and strategic planning, we strive to ensure that Apex's portfolio operates at its highest potential, delivering exceptional financial results.

Apex Asset manager

Rodrigo Montoya
Asset Manager


Our main objective is to find business opportunities that can become financially attractive, understanding the fluctuations and challenges presented by the multifamily market in the United States. We achieve this trough the underwritings carried out for each business. Likewise, we handle the search for lots to develop residential projects. We do this, targeting cashflow generation and maximizing returns for our investors as well as keeping it up with our search for our next acquisition.

Acquisitions Manager

Juan Pablo Gonzalez
Acquisitions Manager

Investment Analyst

Tomas Herrera
Investment Analyst

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