Real Estate investment strategies

Real Estate Investment Strategies: The Power of Value-Add

In the world of real estate investment, different strategies serve various investor goals and risk preferences, ranging from safer income-generating approaches to more aggressive tactics targeting higher returns. Four key real estate investment strategies, namely core plus, core, value add, and opportunistic, represent different levels of risk and potential returns. Understanding these strategies is essential for making informed investment decisions. Here is a brief overview of the four main investment strategies:

  • Core: This strategy involves investing in stable, income-generating properties with low risk. These properties typically have long-term leases and require minimal operational intervention.
  • Core Plus: Core plus investments encompass properties that have a stable income but may have some opportunities for improvement or increased cash flow. They usually involve moderate risk, slightly higher than core investments.
  • Value Add: Value-add strategies involve acquiring properties that require improvements or restructuring to increase their value. These investments often involve renovations, rebranding, or operational enhancements to boost the property’s income potential.
  • Opportunistic: This high-risk, high-reward strategy involves investments in properties that require significant improvement, repositioning, or redevelopment. These properties often come with high vacancy rates or substantial rehabilitation needs and require active management and a strategic exit plan to realize their full potential.

Each strategy can be applied considering various variables in different projects, and it is the role of the project developer or structurer to intelligently and assertively define which strategy should be applied. Similarly, each investor can also adapt to each strategy according to their expectations. Therefore, it is important to have a better understanding of each one, with the aim of having sufficient information to make assertive decisions.

Investing in real estate requires a deep understanding of the different investment strategies, each with its own risk-reward profile. For example, core plus and core investments imply acquiring properties with lighter renovations or those with relatively higher occupancy rates, prioritizing stable cash flows, assuming minimal intervention for steady operations. While these strategies offer stability, they may lack the dynamic leverage necessary for significant value creation. Also, value-add and opportunistic strategies require more professionalism due to the renovations team’s expertise and experience in managing complex projects, ensuring timely completion and cost-effectiveness.

Here is where we find the value-add strategy as our perfect match. By actively engaging in property renovations and enhancements, the renovations team embraces the inherent challenge of improving properties to unlock their full income-generating potential. Recognizing the correlation between visible upgrades and increased rental value, we leverage our expertise in renovations and believe in the direct impact of tangible improvements on the overall net operating income (NOI) of the property.

Apex’s projects team on the value-add strategy.

From the beginning, Apex’s projects team demonstrates a proactive and comprehensive approach to the value-add strategy, making a significant impact on the success of their real estate approach. Their involvement begins before property acquisition, as they engage in meticulous due diligence assessing each property’s current state and crafting a strategic roadmap for transformation, which will eventually lead to rent bumps and higher NOIs. With a steady commitment to precision and efficiency, the team meticulously formulates budgets, schedules, and a scope of work, ensuring a continuous execution of plan upon Apex’s ownership of the asset.

The projects team, consisting of two specialized departments, handles the important tasks for the value-add renovation process. One team focuses on managing the supply chain and budgeting, while the other takes charge of coordinating and executing renovation plans, making sure everything stays on track with product control, schedules, and costs.

They focus on both the outside and inside of the property, starting with improvements to the exterior, strategically designed to enhance the property’s visual appeal and create a favorable impression on potential tenants, and simultaneously upgrading the interior, with particular emphasis on the refurbishment of bathrooms and kitchens to elevate the property’s overall market appeal. Their aim is to make the property more attractive to potential tenants.

Showing their strong dedication to doing great work, the projects team focuses on understanding their products deeply, sticking to their plans, and promoting strong communication and leadership within their team. Their ability to quickly make smart decisions and solve problems highlights their commitment to smooth project management. Moreover, their focus on building friendly and professional relationships with everyone involved in the process reflects their dedication to create a collaborative and supportive project environment, ensuring a smooth journey towards real estate improvement and growth.

In the realm of real estate investment, the diversity of strategies highlights the importance of understanding the nuanced relationship between risk and return. While various investment strategies accommodate different risk appetites and financial goals, the value-add strategy emerges as a compelling avenue for unlocking the unexploited potential of properties. In the perspective of Apex’s projects team, careful planning, smooth execution, and building good relationships are crucial for making the value-add strategy work well. By focusing on making real improvements, their approach blends smart planning and great work in the ever-changing real estate world. Value-add investment strategies provide investors with new growth opportunities and potential maximized returns on their real estate investments.


Each unit is like a project for us, and that’s why we have established an efficient process that allows us to define a specific scope of work and budget for each unit, seeking efficiencies in time and costs, for the success in the execution of CAPEX of our projects.

We focus on building a friendly and professional relationship with everyone involved in the process, reflecting our dedication to create a collaborative and supportive project environment, ensuring a smooth journey towards real estate improvement and growth.